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Shirt Organizer

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  • A practical solution to carry your shirts, wrinkle-free while traveling. Also ideal for storing your formals at home.
  • Use this to keep ironed shirts stacked well while traveling. Key features - Accommodates 4-8 shirts, Minimizes wrinkles, 4 flap offering stretch compression, Easy to use due to minimum folding, quick grab handle, Designed to hold unisex shirts & garments, Mesh provided for easy identification, convenient, easy to wash organizer case, Takes minimum space in a travel bag, Ultra-lightweight.
  1. LxH ( 43cm X 25cm )
  2. Material - Polyester
  3. Weight - 450gm
  4. Warranty - 1 Year on All Manufacturing Defects
  5. No of Pockets - 1
TENSILE STRENGTH: Tested to a tearing force of 100 kgs
ZIPPERS: Opened and closed for 1,000 cycles
SHOULDER STRAPS: Tested 5,000 cycles with maximum load
HAND JOLT: Jolt tested 5,000 cycles with maximum load
WATER REPELLENT Tightly woven fabrics
1 year warranty On all manufacturing defects