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Gifting is an act of self-gratification. Our wide range of products for all budgets and specifications, that are completely customizable (T&Cs apply!) will help you achieve just that!

What you’ll get?

Increase Sales

Develop Employee Relations

Improve your brands goodwill

Build brand loyalty


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We tailor our Bags for the long-term success of your organization and help your company to grow to its full potential. Harissons provides you with a wide range of gifting and branding solutions which gives your business the advantage of increasing your potential customers, strengthening employee relations, and maximizing sales through your channel partners.

Be committed to your Vision.
Be flexible in your Approach



Gift your Customers

A Customer Appreciation Gift is usually something physical and useful. So gift your valuable customers a useful and functional Harissons Bags today.

Gift your Employees

Reward your employees with more then a pay check. A thoughtful gift can keep your employees motivated and be on the top of their game.

Gift your channel partners

Improve your sales by improving your relationship with your channel partners.



institutional branding

The attitude and identity of a brand, whether a company or institution, is widely carried out by the individuals forming an integral part of such organizations. We at Harissons believe that such identity can be achieved through great quality, lightweight, feature-rich bags that speak your brand to the whole world, making it an effortless way to have your presence felt and instill a sense of pride towards their organization.

What is the one thing that each and every member of your organization carries with them? The answer is their Attitude. At Harissons we provide:

  • Great quality bags that are light-weight, feature rich and durable at the same time
  • Uniformly created bags that speak out your brand to the whole world.
  • A sense of more pride towards their organization.
  • An effortless way to promote your brand and creating a sense of unity.

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Invite us over to set up a Harissons Kiosk at your premises. Your members and employees can enjoy special offers found nowhere else! At IT Parks, offices, housing societies, schools, colleges, and even co-working spaces; occasions such as festivals, annual days, brand launches, or even college festivals are the best times for inviting us over!

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