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Orders and Delivery

Where all does Harissons Bags deliver?
What is the timeline of my order?
Is there a charge for delivery?
What if I'm not home to receive my order?
Can I place the order online and pick up my order from your Store which is nearest to me?
What are the terms of the warranty available on my product?
Can I cancel my order?
What if products ordered by me are out of stock?
How do I track my order once it is placed?
Can I change my order once it has been placed?
I want to Place bulk orders or need some specific products, whom do I contact?


What are the payment options?
Which credit/ debit cards does Harissons support?
How do I know that my credit/ debit card payment is safe?

Login and My Account

Do I need to create an Account on Harissons to place an order?

Cancellations and Returns

What is your exchange policy?
What is your refund policy? When and how will I get my refund in case of cancellation or product return?